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This is one in a twenty television ad series New World Productions in collaboration with Media Garage based out of Sarasota, Florida created for the new TSR Injury Law’s testimonial commercial campaign. This spot features one of eleven clients of TSR Injury Law describing their personal experience from Injury to settlement outcome.

We spent a full day in production at Fox-9 studios in Eden Prairie interviewing TSR’s Injury Laws clients to create a wide variety of compelling stories on their personal experiences with the law firm and their cases. These were edited into eleven individual 30-second commercial spots designed to give TSR’s targeted commercial viewing audience an intimate look into how their services can provide life defining outcomes after severe automobile and motorcycle injuries. In addition to theses eleven ads, we also crafted a series of four spots focused on reasons why you should call TSR, four spots focused on reasons why TSR clients were thankful for their experience in working with the well known Minnesota law firm and the resulted outcomes of their cases, and finally a stand alone spot aptly titled with the phrase we’ve all become familiar with through both bill boards and commercial television; “It’s TSR Time”.

These began airing in November 2022 and will continue to roll out in the coming 2023 year ahead. Where is Steve Terry in these ads? Well, he’s still the voice as heard on the call to action at the end of these commercial spots, but for the time being Steve's stepping aside from least wise from this specific commercial television campaign while he lets his clients do the talking from their personal experiences. You will still see Steve regularly on his other commercial spots that we shoot back in late 2019.

Behind the scenes at the TSR Injury Law Testimonial Commercial Campaign video shoot.

We recently had the pleasure of working once again with our client Technical Life Care to create an updated product promotional overview video for their new TechMaster 2.0 Biomedical Cart.

For this video we rented out a space at Cinequipt Studios located in Minneapolis, Minnesota that has an impressive white Cyc Wall available for rent for shooting. It provided a clean look as a backdrop for our product, and along with our actor who portrayed the role of a lab technician that presented the overview of the TechMaster Cart and it's many benefits and features.

The final end result was a video that is easy to watch as well as focus on the carts many device attributes, and an engaging examination of what the TechMaster Biomedical Cart has to offer.

  • Todd Gross

This is or latest video production creating a case study video for Cedar Bay and their work with KLN Family Brands, a manufacture of human and pet food products located in Perham Minnesota.

Cedar Bay among other things, makes software specifically for the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software called IFS. IFS is software that is used throughout a company so it all ties in and talks together – from planning, production, shipping/receiving, human resources, payroll etc. Cedar Bay makes an add on software which in turn simplifies IFS for folks on the warehouse floor at KLN. In the process of creating this case study video, New World Productions conducted several interviews with key senior staff members from KLN Family Brands discussing how Cedar Bays applications have worked out and the success that they’ve had since integration took place. In addition NWP captured a variety of b-roll footage in one of KLN’s main manufacturing facilities where the software was being implemented so as to demonstrate its use in action.

Creating connection with customers is essential these days to differentiate your company from the rest of the pack. A case study video is an excellent example of how New World Productions can help create a video that communicates true value to its audience. By telling the success stories from the point of view of real customers and in their own words, a case study video can provide insight, and authenticity to your next product or service marketing campaign.

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