• Todd Gross

This is an age old question, and one we get here at New World Productions all too often. "How much does a 60-second video cost? Well, the simple answer is we have no idea. Reason? Because there is no price per pound when it comes to video. Our explanation for this is pretty much our staple response to this question every time. Are you looking to create 60-seconds of a talking head, or 60-seconds of helicopters, limousines, pyrotechnics, professional talent, multiple locations, hair, makeup, wardrobe, etc, etc, etc. Yes, there is a little and or a lot that can go into a 60-second video.

So the next time you’re looking for a quote for a video, and especially if you’re looking for one on the quick. Please be ready with as many details as to the content of that video as possible. This will help ensure the most accurate costs for your video as possible and save everyone a lot of time to boot.

What are some of the key aspects to your video to think about when you’re looking for a quote? Here’s a list to follow: What is the estimated video length? What are the number of locations to be shot at for the video? How many people are to be featured on camera in the video? Will the video require professional scripting and or talent? Will the video need a voice over artist? Does the video require graphics? So on and so forth.

A good video producer will take the time to work with you in determining the full needs of your video, provide you options for being cost effective as well as suggestions for achieving an engaging quality video specifically tailored for your viewing audience.

  • Todd Gross

We recently created a brand experience video for the Safe Step Walk-In Tubs Company of Minnesota and their Safe Step Cares Program. It features the Fillmore’s who were recently selected as a candidate for receiving a complementary Safe Step Tub for their home. Each year Safe Step selects a candidate who is a recipient that would greatly benefit from the use of their product to improve their health and quality of life. Richard Fillmore, the recipient for this year’s tub giveaway was a St. Paul Police officer who was injured in the line of duty back in the mid 80s.

New World Productions was selected as the video production company to create a video that would tell this story for Safe Step Tubs so as it could be shared with others on social media platforms to further create and generate awareness around that of their give back program.

This last year presented many challenges when it came to the lack of access to on-location shooting as a result of the restrictions and mandates due to Covid-19. One of the solutions to this was to take our video productions that would have otherwise been shot on location into a studio setting to be shot against green screen. This gave us, as well as many of our clients, the opportunity to continue to produce and create marketing tools throughout the year that would have otherwise not been possible.

The above is an example from a campaign we created for Gregory Contracting. We were able to produce a 9-spot commercial series in a variety of location settings within a single day that would have otherwise taken several days to shoot. This afforded us not only the opportunity to stretch our client's dollar, but also to maintain a safe and controlled working environment throughout the production process.

At New World Productions, we are dedicated to providing our clients creative video marketing services, as well as solutions for continually growing their business and engaging their customer audience, even in the worst of times. We look forward to getting back to on-location shooting and a sense of normality. Until then we will continue to deliver innovative strategies.