• Todd Gross

This is or latest video production creating a case study video for Cedar Bay and their work with KLN Family Brands, a manufacture of human and pet food products located in Perham Minnesota.

Cedar Bay among other things, makes software specifically for the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software called IFS. IFS is software that is used throughout a company so it all ties in and talks together – from planning, production, shipping/receiving, human resources, payroll etc. Cedar Bay makes an add on software which in turn simplifies IFS for folks on the warehouse floor at KLN. In the process of creating this case study video, New World Productions conducted several interviews with key senior staff members from KLN Family Brands discussing how Cedar Bays applications have worked out and the success that they’ve had since integration took place. In addition NWP captured a variety of b-roll footage in one of KLN’s main manufacturing facilities where the software was being implemented so as to demonstrate its use in action.

Creating connection with customers is essential these days to differentiate your company from the rest of the pack. A case study video is an excellent example of how New World Productions can help create a video that communicates true value to its audience. By telling the success stories from the point of view of real customers and in their own words, a case study video can provide insight, and authenticity to your next product or service marketing campaign.

New World Productions recently completed this video for Miller Chevrolet that was designed and created to promote their commitment to providing high quality auto repair services at their Rogers Minnesota facility, as well as feature their waiting lounge which is one of the largest and most comfortable in the state of Minnesota. We worked with the Miller Chevrolet incorporating their staff in a series of scenes that reflect upon the inviting environment the dealership provides to customers, whether it be for the service department or waiting area with its many amenities.

In other news. New World Productions is pleased to announce our inclusion into DesignRush as a top recommended video production marketing company in their upcoming

Video Marketing Agencies press release.

  • Todd Gross

Recruitment videos for business's, companies, and organizations are becoming more and more prevalent in today's fast paced, social media driven world. This recruitment video for Twin City Die Castings was created to reach new audiences in their efforts to attract, engage, and retain qualified individuals looking for employment in the die casting industry.

A well-made recruitment video can attract, entice and, motivate the right candidates to apply. If you're looking to expand your reach in recruiting for your business, visit us today at New World Productions

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