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Recruitment videos for business's, companies, and organizations are becoming more and more prevalent in today's fast paced, social media driven world. This recruitment video for Twin City Die Castings was created to reach new audiences in their efforts to attract, engage, and retain qualified individuals looking for employment in the die casting industry.

A well-made recruitment video can attract, entice and, motivate the right candidates to apply. If you're looking to expand your reach in recruiting for your business, visit us today at New World Productions

We'll help you to create a recruitment video that's clear and concise. Provides essential information about your company and the roles you're hiring. Highlights your company's uniqueness as well as offer's insights into your companies culture.

We recently collaborated with the marketing agency Diedrich RPM to create a series of brand videos for their client XCEL Products, a company that creates printable substrates, silicon edge frames, and custom fixture systems. These brand videos, one long format and one short format version were designed for the use as an introductory overview to XCEL Products. Who they are, what they do, and how well they do it. The intended deployment of these videos will be for presenting to perspective new clients directly, as well as generating further engagement on social media platforms.

The process for producing these videos was to integrate a combination of elements including: drone footage, live action footage, voice over narration, a short testimonial from the client, along with graphic supers, and an engaging sound track to delver a highly compelling video that ultimately extends an invitation to come for a tour to see for yourself all that XCEL Products has to offer.

At New World Productions we strive to create engaging marketing and presentational videos that delivers new growth, new business, and added revenue for our clients. To find out more on what we can do to help your business, visit us at: New World Productions today.

  • Writer's pictureTodd Gross

This is an age old question, and one we get here at New World Productions all too often. "How much does a 60-second video cost? Well, the simple answer is we have no idea. Reason? Because there is no price per pound when it comes to video. Our explanation for this is pretty much our staple response to this question every time. Are you looking to create 60-seconds of a talking head, or 60-seconds of helicopters, limousines, pyrotechnics, professional talent, multiple locations, hair, makeup, wardrobe, etc, etc, etc. Yes, there is a little and or a lot that can go into a 60-second video.

So the next time you’re looking for a quote for a video, and especially if you’re looking for one on the quick. Please be ready with as many details as to the content of that video as possible. This will help ensure the most accurate costs for your video as possible and save everyone a lot of time to boot.

What are some of the key aspects to your video to think about when you’re looking for a quote? Here’s a list to follow: What is the estimated video length? What are the number of locations to be shot at for the video? How many people are to be featured on camera in the video? Will the video require professional scripting and or talent? Will the video need a voice over artist? Does the video require graphics? So on and so forth.

A good video producer will take the time to work with you in determining the full needs of your video, provide you options for being cost effective as well as suggestions for achieving an engaging quality video specifically tailored for your viewing audience.

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