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The Convenience of Green Screen In Video Production During Covid-19

This last year presented many challenges when it came to the lack of access to on-location shooting as a result of the restrictions and mandates due to Covid-19. One of the solutions to this was to take our video productions that would have otherwise been shot on location into a studio setting to be shot against green screen. This gave us, as well as many of our clients, the opportunity to continue to produce and create marketing tools throughout the year that would have otherwise not been possible.

The above is an example from a campaign we created for Gregory Contracting. We were able to produce a 9-spot commercial series in a variety of location settings within a single day that would have otherwise taken several days to shoot. This afforded us not only the opportunity to stretch our client's dollar, but also to maintain a safe and controlled working environment throughout the production process.

At New World Productions, we are dedicated to providing our clients creative video marketing services, as well as solutions for continually growing their business and engaging their customer audience, even in the worst of times. We look forward to getting back to on-location shooting and a sense of normality. Until then we will continue to deliver innovative strategies.

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